Auditions for Amadeus


The Matchbox Theatre is planning a large-scale production of Amadeus in July, staged in-the-round in St Francis Church, West Wickham with a live chamber orchestra featuring principals from the Bromley Symphony Orchestra and singers/soloists from local Philharmonic Choirs and the highly-regarded Sine Nomine to perform Mozart’s music.

Key dates are:

  • Technical rehearsal 28 June
  • First Dress 29 June
  • Second Dress 1 July
  • 1st Perf  2 July
  • 2nd Perf 3 July
  • 3rd Perf 4 July

We will be rehearsing in either St Francis Church or the Church Hall on Sun/Mon/Wed evenings. You would not be required for every rehearsal until the latter stages when we run through an entire Act. Read-through will be w/c 20th April and rehearsals will start w/c 27th April. Any queries, please get in touch.

I will be having open auditions on Monday 23rd and Sunday 29th March in St Francis Church Hall, Ravenswood Avenue, West Wickham @ 7.30.

Amadeus is Peter Shaffer’s highly-fictionalised dramatization of the relationship between Antonio Salieri, Court Composer in 18th century Vienna, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. “Did Salieri (jealous of his rival’s God-given genius) kill Mozart?”, is the question that opens the play

The three main parts (Mozart, Salieri and Constanze) and a couple of others have already been cast but I am looking for people to fill the speaking (and many non-speaking) parts which are:

  • Joseph II Emperor of Austria  (age 40-50) medium part,_Holy_Roman_Emperor
  • Count Johann Kilian Von Strack, Groom of the Imperial Chamber (age 50s-60s but flexible) medium part
  • Count Franz Orsini-Rosenberg, Director of the Imperial Opera (age 50s-60s but flexible) medium part
  • Baron Gottfried Van Swieten, Prefect of the Imperial Library medium part (age 40s-50s)
  • Major Domo to Salieri (could be any age) small part
  • Salieri’s Valet (non-speaking but regularly on stage) 20/30s-50s – needs to “age” during play
  • Salieri’s Cook (non-speaking but regularly on stage) 20/30s-50s – needs to “age” during play
  • Some physical contrast in size would be good in these two parts
  • Guiseppe Bonno (Kapellmesiter at the beginning of the play) (non-speaking, a small part) 60s/70s
  • Servants/Citizens of Vienna (non-speaking)
    Servants are used (in costume) throughout the play to move furniture/props while the action continues. They are therefore integral to the action. I would like a team of 6 (with a leader) to manage this aspect throughout the play.
  • Citizens (in costume) perform the function of audience members at operas, supernumeraries at parties etc. (non-speaking). How many will depend on the costume budget!

I will have audition pieces available on the nights. If you would like sight of them beforehand let me know which part/s and I will email them to you.

I can be contacted on 07432742209 or at Please let me know if you are interested but cannot make either audition date.

Many thanks