BTG Full Length Play Festival 2020


Here is the latest news about the timetable for this year’s BTG Festival:

Beckenham Theatre Centre

The Heiress by Ruth and Augustus Goetz.
Performance dates: Tuesday, 7th – Saturday, 11th April 2020 7:45 pm
Adjudication Date: Thursday 9th April

Set in 1850’s New York, The Heiress is a powerful poignant drama telling the tale of Dr Soper, an eminent physician, and his daughter, Catherine, a shy, awkward girl.    Her father has still not got over the loss of his wife, who died in childbirth, and tries to mould Catherine into her own image but she is incapable of being the vibrant, glamorous woman that her mother was.

However, Catherine is due to inherit a large fortune and soon a handsome, young suitor, Morris Townsend,  arrives to court her.  She falls for his many charms but her father is convinced he is only after her money and takes her abroad for six months in the hope she will forget him. However, they resume their courtship on her return and Dr Soper threatens to cut off her inheritance if she marries him.  They plan to secretly elope with the help of her Aunt Lavinia…

The Heiress is a beautifully written portrayal of a lonely girl torn between her duty to her domineering father and her love for the feckless but dashing, suitor.



Theatre 62

Jane Eyre
Performance dates: 27th April-2nd May 8:00 pm
Adjudication Date: Saturday 30th April

A masterpiece of storytelling. Teale takes the view that Jane and the first Mrs Rochester represent different aspects of the same person. Bertha represents the wild sensual side Jane that has to be repressed if she is to survive in a male-dominated society.  A wise distillation of the novel and a thrilling piece of theatre.

Wickham Theatre Centre, Corkscrew Hill West Wickham, BR4 9 BA


Bromley Little Theatre

Taken at Midnight by Mark Hayhurst
Performance dates: Friday, May 8 to Saturday, May 16 (NOT SUNDAY) 7:45 pm
Adjudication Date: Tuesday 12 May

This gripping new play about the Nazi regime premiered to great acclaim at Chichester during 2014. Set in 30s Germany where the celebrated young lawyer Hans Litten disappears into the Nazi system and his indomitable mother Irmgard confronts his captors at enormous personal risk as she fights to secure his release. ‘Informative, deeply engrossing play about the high price paid for resisting tyranny’ The Guardian
This will be the BLT entry into the Bromley Festival.

North Street, Bromley, Kent BR1 1SB


Farnborough Dramatic Society

A Bad Year for Tomatoes By John Patrick
Performance dates: 14th – 16th May
Adjudication Date: Friday 15th May

Farnborough Village Hall, Farnborough Orpington Kent BR6 7BB 8 pm


Leap Productions

X By Alistair McDowall
Performance dates: 28th-30th May 8:00 pm
Adjudication date: Thurs 28th May

Billion of miles from home, the lone research base on Pluto has lost contact with Earth. Unable to leave or send for help, the skeleton crew sit waiting…. Long enough for time to start eating away at them. To lose all sense of it. To start seeing things in the dark outside.

Downe Village Hall, High Street, Downe, Kent BR6 7UT


Burnt Ash Drama Association

Performance Dates: 28th – 30th May 7:45 pm
Adjudication Date: Friday 29th May

St Andrews Church Hall, Burnt Ash Lane BR1 5AF


Awards and Finals Night

Friday 19th June

Keston Village Hall, Heathfield Road BR2 6BA