Chelsfield Players on The Fringe


Jim Slips will be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 for a fifth glorious time. The Chelsfield Players have taken four shows to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival where they have performed popular plays with SELL OUT performances.

The touring name ‘Jim Slips’ came about with their first venture ‘Daisy Pulls it Off’ and has stuck.

We have performed twice at the Quaker Meeting House and then moved to the Space Venue at the Surgeons Hall and then to another Space Venue, The Space on The Mile, Venue 39
and in 2019 we will be presenting ‘The Wind in The Willows’ in Space Venue 45 from 19 – 24 August at 15.25

The Wind in the Willows
adapted for the stage by Mike Kenny

Performances at Space Venue 45
from 19 – 24 August at 3.25pm
Location: 63 Jeffrey Street, EH1 1DH

Ticket price £8.00
Discounts available for Group and Family bookings
​Come and join Toad, Badger, Ratty and Mole in their adventures down the riverbank as they try to save Toad Hall from the evil stoats and weasels. Along the way, mischievous Toad steals a motor car, ends up in jail, disguises himself as a washerwoman to escape and is rescued by his faithful friends. Will they manage to save Toad Hall? A classic tale for all the family.

Mole – Emily Kindley
Badger – Jo Clent
Rat – David Bacon
Toad – Jo East
Chief Weasel/Clerk of the Court – Patrick Neylan
Otter – Cynthia Hearing
Rabbit – Arthur Edmunds
Horse – Gill Bacon and Nick Barnett
Judge/Washerwoman – Madeline McCubbin
Gaoler’s Daughter – Gill Bacon
Train Guard – Nick Barnett
Train Driver – Phil George
Bargee/Car passenger – Anne Kindley
Car driver – James Edmunds
Hedgehog and Portly – Helena Edmunds
Young Hedgehog – Bethany Ward
Other parts – Members of the cast

Director – Pat Walls
Artistic Director -Cynthia Hearing
Stage Manager – Derek Alsey
Production Co-ordinator – Jeremy Walls
Rehearsal Prompt – Ann Blatcher
Lighting Design – Norman Bailey
Lighting Operator – Jeremy Walls
Sound Design and Operator – Emma Christmas
Costumes – Cynthia Hearing and the cast
Properties – Pat and Jeremy Walls, Phil George and membership
Set Construction – Ken Clarke, David Bacon and membership
Technical Artistry – Norman Bailey and Nick Barnett
​Song music – composed by Phil Lane. Dave Walker (keyboard), Cynthia Hearing (flute)

Wind In The Willows