In His Wake – Auditions


Open Auditions: In His Wake


Sunday, 13th October 2019, 3.00pm

Wednesday, 16th October 2019, 7:30pm

Beckenham Theatre proudly presents a World Premiere of an Irish Black comedy, written and directed by Wayne Sheridan

In His Wake will be BTC’s entry into the 2020 Kent Drama Association Festival

Performance dates:

Tuesday 18th to Saturday 22nd February 2020 at 8:00pm


In His Wake is a black comedy about death, Irish tradition and how blood, whether you like it or not, is thicker than water. It follows the three estranged Dublin-born Shannon brothers who are coming together for their father’s wake following many years apart. Fuelled by lies, resentment and a few pints of “Porter”, they revisit events from their youth and realise they all have very different views about the kind of man their father was.

Throughout the wake they are visited by the indomitable Mrs Boland AKA “The Corporal”, their father’s opinionated neighbour and self-appointed leader of the local community. She has seen all three of the brothers grow up and has witnessed their father grow with them.

Set against the backdrop of JFK’s iconic visit to Ireland in 1963, the play explores what shapes our identity. Are we products of our family, our genes, our religion, our community or even our national identity?


  • Christie: Large male role, early 40s: Disappeared years ago with his partner to America, following his military service, and returned a strapping sun-kissed version of his former self. He’s a soulful man, capable of great aggression but he’s been humbled by his life experiences and is looking for closure by coming home.
  • Paddy: Large male role, mid 30s: Described as “a rake of a man”, he is the loudmouth joker of the three brothers. He’s has suffered great physical and emotional loss. Now he uses humour as a way of coping with traumatic events in his past which have seen him, in more recent years, driven to seek comfort in ‘the bottle’.
  • David: Large male role, 20s: Although the youngest he seems the most together of the three brothers. He is weary after years of putting his own needs aside to care for his father. Now he wants the opportunity to seek some vindication from his brothers for the sacrifices he has made and perhaps gain a better understanding of how the family disintegrated.
  • Shaun: Medium-sized male role, 40+: He’s the happy-go-lucky owner of the bar and a lifelong family friend. He has been on the other side of the counter for all three of the Shannon brothers when they’ve been at their lowest and, partly because of his own family history, understands them almost as well as they understand themselves.
  • The Corporal: Med/Large female role, 60+: The fearsome next-door neighbour who has a hand in all local affairs. She has also seen the Shannon brothers grow up and how their father has changed with the arrival of each of his sons; so like Shaun, the Corporal has her own insights into the man. She is opinionated, unapologetic and not to be argued with.

NOTE: Aging up or down will be considered within reason. Strong Irish accents are more important. Christie, Paddy and David will be needed for family photos in late October.

For a copy of the script and audition pieces, please contact Wayne Sheridan on 07384700734 or